Thursday, January 10, 2008

High level EA Goals

All architecture programs proceed through a maturity cycle, usually beginning as an IT function and ultimately becoming a business function that drives IT. We find that through this cycle there are always four high level deliverables that EA tends (well, at least the good ones) to deliver.

Governance: EA teams need to provide governance to ensure that current technology initiatives are consistent with business goals and the organization's architectural aspirations.

Clarity: Information Technology is complex and one of the most important duties of an EA team is to reduce complexity either by actually reducing it, or by making the complexity understandable.

Knowledge: There is just an awful lot to know in order to design, develop, buy, integrate support, and enhance today's products and services, EA needs to manage the knowledge base through tools, repositories, education, communication, etc. Note - this does not mean EA owns the knowledge, only that EA must manage it.

Vision: Naturally, EA must help chart the next horizon, which changes at every step.

Everything else we think of, seems to fit into one of these categories. What are your thoughts?

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