Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Preparing for Digital Disruption

Here are five ideas that can help you benefit from the inevitable digital disruption your business will experience.

I attended Forrester’s Annual Forum and had the opportunity to have dinner with Forrester CEO, George Colony. Colony emphasized his message about Digital Disruption and the speed at which we must adapt to change.

During his keynote address he showed the two pictures you see here to illustrate the dramatic changes we are seeing in our world as a result of digital technology. This first picture is of the installation of Pope Benedict in 2005.

This next picture is of the same location, same venue, but this time the installation of Pope Francis in 2013.

Talk about change. In the earlier picture there is maybe one guy with a flip phone camera ready to record the event with a low image snapshot. In the later picture, hundreds of visitors are there to take both pictures and videos, and no doubt, some broadcasting in real time to friends back home.

How might we prepare for a digitally disruptive world in our industry, in our companies, and in our communities. Here are five ideas that would set us up:

In these five posts, I’ll cover each of these in more depth and look forward to your feedback and participation. But first, give some thought to what changes you would make as you look to prepare for the next ten years. Click the links above to read more.

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