Enterprise IT Architects work in a high stress environment, constantly trying to pull the organization forward, and constantly falling short of perfection.  We need a break.  Here are some postings (rantings??) I've published over the years that typify some of the challenges we deal with as heard between bouts of screaming.

Additionally, here are a list of humorous items I've come across on the Internets over the years. I claim no authorship here. In as many cases as possible I provide a link to the original source.

On site stuff:
  • They Who Shall Not be Named - A wireless cell phone store located in a metropolitan setting, with customers milling around, sales staff engaged in various activities.  In walks a Mild-Mannered Enterprise Architect seeking information on upgrading his phone.
  • You Want My What? - The return of the Mild Mannered Enterprise Architect. A mostly true story of how I avoided identify theft and communicated my displeasure at a horrid process.
  • How to Build Unmaintainable Systems - An architects take on the classic How to Write Unmaintainable Code.
  • Beware Architecture Ghosts that go BOO - Architecture ghosts can be created out of two insidious verbal incantations that include the demonic phrases of “there’s not enough time” and its evil corollary “that will never happen.”
  • Changing a Reservation - Another in the Mild Mannered Enterprise Architect series. Sometimes an architect has to change their approach when working with others to build a consensus.
  • What I Think I Do - My take on an Internet meme.

Off site stuff:

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